Calling the air conditioning technician, for the second time today

I apologised to the man for wasting his time and hung up the phone. I was incredibly embarrassed, and felt a little like a fool. I’d come home to find a note on the fridge asking the next person with a spare second to phone Air Conditioning Sydney. I’d become confused when I’d seen the note, and spent a few minutes mucking around with the air conditioner. I’d used it a few nights back to cool the house down during the heatwave and wondered to myself if I was the cause of the damage. After a few hard thumps, I realised the air conditioner needed to be repaired by an expert, not an impatient and heavy-handed woman! I had taken a few moments to phone the team at Air Conditioning Repairs Sydney in the hopes of securing an appointment right away. I felt bad, thinking that because I was the last to use the air conditioner, I had broken it. I wanted to arrange for the technician to come by as soon as possible.

Speaking to the man on the phone at Air Conditioning Service Sydney, I was glad to know that he was doing all he could to squeeze us in for a repair. He returned to the phone with good news, a time and date for my appointment. When I started giving the man the my personal details, he paused. With a curious tone in his voice, the man asked me if I’d already phoned up earlier in the day. I wondered why he’d asked me that, but assured him I hadn’t. The man asked me to bare with him, as he checked through his diary. Returning to the phone, I was politely informed that an appointment was already scheduled for my address and that someone had phoned up this morning.

Gary might be really great at this invite thing

I don’t really want to get into details, but I really want to be there when we decide what we are going to do about the invitations for the next big event in our lives. The birthday invitations that we have to plan are going to be way more fun now that we have head of this. I think that the wedding ones turned out so great, but that was only thanks to a great program that we found online and a great friend that we found in Gary. He was so good with all of this online stuff that we decided that he should be in charge of all of the wedding invitations that David and I are ever going to need Not just wedding either; we want him there for all of the big events. He has a standing invitation at our house and he has a great chance to help us out for every event that we have. I do not care what he asks for; he is a miracle worker with that online invite thing and so we want him here all of the time. He might even become our live in stylist. I am kidding of course, but only just. I think that the silver wedding invitations that are going to go out to the rest of the world are really good and I am really proud of it. I want there to be an invite that is so good that the rest of the world gets really jealous of it and they really want it for themselves now. I want that to be the case and I want there to be an award for invites and I want us to win that award. I don’t really know if I will be able to win that award or not, but I will still try to get to it.